Sampo Group

Instructions for using the Annual Report

Welcome to Sampo’s Annual Report 2011, which will be published online only. Below, we have presented some features that improve the usability of the Annual Report.

Navigation and the sitemap

From the main navigation you can easily go to the page you have selected or to the landing pages of different sections.

You can browse pages linearly by using the arrows on both sides of the tool bar. You can also browse pages by using the arrow command on your keyboard.

The blue underlining in the left navigation shows the active part of the Report.

A link to the sitemap can be found in the footer.



Search and layout options


The ‘Search’ function is positioned in the upper right corner. Start the search by writing the word you want to search for in the space next to the word ‘Search’. On the ‘Search result page’, it is possible to extend the search by combining words using the words AND/OR.

You can make the text larger or smaller by clicking on Aa+ and Aa-. Please note that the text size in the tables is fixed.

You can change the language of the Report by choosing Suomeksi / In English

You can visit our online Annual Reports from previous years in the drop down menu next to the Sampo Group logo.




Quick links and PDF download

The footer includes an extended section with quick links to the Annual Report’s most central functions and to Sampo Group’s webpage. ‘2011 in brief’ offers a quick glance to central contents of the Annual Report.

From the extended section of the footer, you can download the Annual Reports of the Sampo Group, its subsidiaries and associates in PDF format.

The bar at the bottom contains links to the 'Sitemap' and 'Glossary' as well as to the 'Terms of use' and the 'Cookies'. In the bar, you will also find Sampo Group’s IR and Corporate Communications contact information. If you wish, you can provide us with feedback through the feedback link.



Print, compare and share


The 'Print' icon opens a printable version of the page you are browsing. Pages will be printed through the Annual Report’s own printing function, for which the software Adobe Reader is needed. You can download the software from Adobe’s website

Please note that it is not possible to use the printing function of the browser.

Through the 'Share' icon in the tool bar, you can share the page that you are browsing either by e-mail or in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+).

If you wish, you can compare the content of the page to the corresponding page in our Annual Report for the year 2010 by clicking 'Compare'.



Download center

You can go to the Download center by clicking the Briefcase icon in the upper right corner.

In the 'Download center', you can choose complete sections or single pages of the Annual Report as well as ready-made PDF, Excel and png downloads of the key parts of the Report.

The pages you have chosen will be added to the 'My report bar', where you can download, print and share the report you have put together.




Make notes and add pages to your PDF report


You can put together your own report by clicking ’Add page’ and ’Remove page’ in the page-specific tool bar on the page you are browsing.

The number of pages that you have chosen is shown in the upper right corner of the ‘Briefcase’ icon. You can review and edit your page choices as well as create your own report by clicking the ‘Briefcase’ icon.

You can make your own notes in the texts by selecting the part of the text you have found important and clicking the pen icon in the tool bar on the right. The part you have selected will be underlined. When clicking the icon next to the underlined text, your added notes will be shown in a small text window next to the original text. You can edit your notes either on the page of the selection or in the download center. If you wish, you can include your notes when printing a PDF of the Annual Report.




Video on Sampo Group in 2011


You can change the size of the video by clicking the ‘Picture size’ icon in the lower right corner of the player.

You can find a text version of the video by clicking the ‘Transcript on/off’ icon. The text version is also printable.

You can close the video by clicking the X in the upper right corner.




Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee on video


Click on the picture of the person whose information you are interested in to start the video presentation.

You can move from one presentation to another either by clicking the arrows on both sides of the presentation or at the bottom of the page through the picture gallery.

You can print résumés by clicking the ‘Print’ icon in the upper right corner of the picture. You can close the video by clicking the X in the upper right corner.